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Jasmine is a graphic design person creating in NYC.
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Old Home
An archive of East Asian-American childhood experiences.

And Magazine
A magazine about nothing in particular, and life in general.


A coded typeface with changing glyphs

A neo-grotesque sans serif typeface.
Brand Campaigns

Piss Off for SPEAX by THINX
A campaign destigmatizing bladder leaks, featuring real incontinent women.

1 in 3 for SPEAX by THINX
A campaign for the 1 in 3 women with bladder leaks.

Open Letter for Sustain Natural, THINX, LOOM, Dame, Cora, Clary Collective, & Fur
A manifesto about reproductive rights.


Josef Albers Poster
An homage to the Bauhaus color theorist.

Blue Short Film Poster for No Wave Creative Studios
A movie poster for an independent short film about police brutality.